Thursday, May 5, 2016

Life is for living and the living of it is now.

We need to learn to travel back to the present. We spend so much time mentally reliving and rehashing the past, and dreaming about, or dreading, the future that we spend surprisingly little time here where it actually counts, the present.
We tend to spend far too much time in the past regretting what might have been, I should have---, I could have---, if only I had---, if only I hadn't. Reminiscing about what was, remember when---, those were the "good old days". Realise that today will be one of the "good old days" we remember in the future.
We tend to spend far too much time in the future worrying about what might happen, dreaming about what we would like to have happen, what we would do if---. It is as if we put off living until we each some magical place over the horizon.
Learn to live in the moment. Focus on the task at hand and forget about things not done or things yet to do.
Little children still have the ability to do this. Watch them, they have the capacity to become totally absorbed in what they are doing, they do not think of anything other than what they are doing now.
I am sure that you have had moments like that. It seems as if time stands still. It is also times like these that you tend to cherish. When you seem to have an energy that transcends mortal effort.
Learn to live in the moment. When at work, be at work. When at home, be at home. When you are with someone, be with that person. Give all your attention to the situation at hand. If you have something bothering you either put it down or do something about it. Carrying it around causes you to miss the magic of the present moment.
Try this. Just for an hour walk around carrying a bucket of water in your left hand, do not put it down. How effective do you think you will be, eventually all you will be thinking about is that bucket of water and you won't be able to do anything else.
Learn from the past, plan for the future, but live in the present. Be aware of your actions for it is by your actions that you create your past and affect your future. Realise that your actions now are the building blocks of your history and the foundations of your future.
Now is all there is. Now is everything. Out of these fleeting moments in time we weave all our joys and our strife. Now is your life, learn to live it by living in the moment for "Life is for living and the living of it is now"
With love and best wishes

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